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One-Stop Service with Multilingual Fixer Team in Tokyo and Kyushu

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner. We are here to support you. Always between Kyushu and Tokyo, our trilingual team, production services and fixing activities will be assisting your projects in Japan.

Trilingual, 30 years in japan with a team of freelance professionals to assist you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your visit.

Want to Discover Saga Prefecture?

Discovering Saga Prefecture, planning on a shoot??… plenty of fantastic location, we are building B roll services and fixer type activities for documentaries, movies, Cm, etc… We know the area like no others and extending our services to all Kyushu. Your crew can also come and stay in an old Japanese Kominka we renovated into a Cafe, Lounge & Lodge space, our second basecamp after Tokyo, this time in Imari.


fixer in japan , production support

・Location scout

・B rolls

・ Fixer, Line producer, runner, CA, translation, PA, Assistant, driver… Camera/Sound/Light CREW with own equipment for any location in japan

・Equipment rental (only when using our production services) Drones, helicopters shooting.

・Planning, Management, and Logistic Full Documentary production so you don’t even have to come.

Why Us?

fixer in japan, M Global Japan

Usually the small compact team with the main person as your private personal assistant to take the burden away from your attention so you can focus on your task.

Polyvalent, flexible and extremely pro-active! A reason why our freelance team members & services are expendable. ​We work hard on our client’s mission providing a smooth ride along the way.

Being able to offer various services is an important asset as we are always challenged with exciting projects.

Fixer in Japan Gallery

Fixer in Japan References

“Patrimoine et Traditions” Kyushu discovery documentary 52mins – Ananda Pictures/M Global japan ​ Production and Japan coordination

” L’amour au japon” M6 – Enquête exclusive (C Productions) General coordination, interviews …

“The End of Memory” Amnesia, french documentary – (ZED / Arte) >>On behalf of the producer, took care of the Japanese segment of the documentary at Kyoto university laboratory.(storyboard, crew, interview, on-location shoot, preset the raw footage in a detailed storyboard.)

Les Maîtres du Riz

Kyushu, le Japon ancestral from ANANDA PICTURES on Vimeo.

Tokyo Fiancee

“From Above

BBVA Contents Area(Madrid), documentary video coorporative

Permits, loca hunting, japanese camera crew and light equipment, support and coordination(translation, driving, AD, AC, sound technician…)for the 3 days shoot in tokyo with bilingual team.

“Let’s Dance – Japan”: Autobahn(UK base production company) :Ministry of Sound, for their audio speakers product range Tv Cm in the UK.

Casting and general production of the tokyo shooting for their advert.

“Cite des Vins” Grand Angle Productions / Arte: >>Coordination & logistic for the shooting using helicopter with shotover F1 gimbal.

(Tokyo-Yamanashi-Bay area) “Les Maîtres du Riz” Ananda Pictures(French production)

Location hunting, driver, translation, authorization, coordination for the 3 days shooting. –

“Ces microbes qui nous gouvernent” french tv documentary – Arte 52mins (Grand Angle Produtions – France)

General support(driver, AD, translation, planning, location hunting,authorization)

“Neoguri Typhoon” footage in Makurazaki(Kyushu) for a 3D documentary movie(Ouragan Production).

Shooting coordination, location hunting, driver, AD, film crew support filming the typhoon on site.

What we did

Japan Creative Party convention in Cannes during Midem convention in Cannes.(Kyodo-tv)

General support of the japanese crew in Cannes as well as technical assistance during their convention at the Majestic hotel.

BCEAO (IMF convention in Tokyo)

Organized pool of drivers to assist the governors and other VIP during their meetings in tokyo.

SPF(Secours Populaire Français)

Tohoku visit, interviews, projects set up, video footage…

Indian Software convention – Shinjuku Hyatt

convention footage coverage with local crew for light, sound and video camera.

GAIA Messenger Project: Minami Sanriku(Tohoku) – The impact after the tsunami on the Oyster industry…



Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to facilitate your projects regardless of its complexity or simplicity.