videoballoon singapore

Innovative internal projection spheres are available up to 6 meters in diameter. Our video balloons, can be floor-based or rigged to a truss or on a podium. Standard sizes: 2m, 4m, and 6m diameter.

Types of Event with Video Balloon

Here are types of Projects and Events our video balloons can be used.


・Fashion Shows

・Conventions Tradeshows

・Product Launch


・Anniversaries Parties

・Movie Premiere




Video Balloons Size

Screen Size2m2.5m4m6m
Frame weight50kg50kg50kg50kg
Balloon weight6kg10kg20kg45kg

The Basic of Video Balloon Tech

Here is a glance at various set-up of video balloons.

video balloon tech


Our clients are Advertising agencies, Event organizers, Production and Audio Visuals equipment companies among others.

video balloon client